VERONIS (rellie) wrote,

another good weekend. see why i could never move away?

haha. it feels weird only seeing celina once this weekend. WHAT? we have separate lives? yes, it's true! (unfortunately)

have you ever just wanted to sit in someone's pocket sometimes, just so you can be around them like, forever? i feel like that a lot. i love my friends.

i need to write court case summaries for my government class. i love court cases. maybe i'll go to law school. or not.

everyone at cypress is having their senior skip day on friday. get it? 12/12? of our 12th year? i propose a senior skip day then for boone, also. we need the rest before exam week.

my NY vacation is supposed to go from the 19th to the 4th. can i go that long without seeing everyone? we'll see.

sigh. i need music.
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