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oh man. the best smell in the world is a house on thanksgiving day.

i'm watching the dog show. if me and celina get an apartment, i wanna get a tiny puppy, and celina can have a kitty. because animals are awesome.

it's going to be very cold saturday night. like, low 50's. please come to my party anyway. and bring me lots of presents. just dress very warm!

i'm so hungry, but i don't want to eat. i want to save my hunger for later. god, you don't realize how much you love your mom/grandma's recipes until thanksgiving. so i'm thankful for yams with marshmellows and homemade gravy and mashed potatoes from scratch. and of course, egg nog and cranberry sauce (from the can, bitch i know where it's at)

mmmm. there's a pit bull that lives next door and he scares my mom. he scares me a little, too. but oh well. if he tries something, i'll shoot him.

i made a birthday list for my dad and the thing i want most right now is this sweet ass panasonic portable cd/mp3 player. it has these rainbow colored lights that flash to the music, and an awesome remote control thing and....ugh, so good. i almost asked for a new stereo, but then i remembered that i'm getting a new computer for college, and i can play cd's in that when i move to the dorms, so it's impractical to spend money on one now. word. WOOOOORD.

speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to my fellow Sagittarius, matt mendes. eat lots of turkey and then set some stuff on fire. and then come to my party on saturday!
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