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and now, my moment of zen.

drama drama drama. it makes the world go 'round. i'm so glad i have people in my life that make me feel like i'm the coolest person in the world. i don't think i deserve the treatment i receive. they love me so much and i really don't tell them enough. if your name starts with a C, i love you.

i will be hitting my eighteenth year of existence on a high note.

but i feel bad that people think so badly about each other that they feel the need to shoot such ugly words. i feel like i grew out of that stage where i just wanted to piss everyone off for fun; posting things in others' journals and pretending to not care what others' thought about me. i was always like that. "gee, guys, i'm the coolest. i'm amazing. i don't need anyone, and i could give a shit what you think about me." the truth is that i care a lot of about how my friends see me. it makes me want to be a better person. and i guess i'm a bleeding heart emo kid for that. whatever. the point? get over it. end this. most of you are seniors in high school. you only have 6 months left to leave the marks and impressions you want on others. after may, it's all over. you might not see any of us again. others of you are juniors. you make me feel very old. and very wise. that's sad.

issues are always resolved better when they're tackled in person.

to the person who posted on my journal anonymously earlier: i am very sorry that you know what suicidal feels like. good luck.
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