VERONIS (rellie) wrote,

i've been having weird dreams lately. i seem to fall in to this strange sleep and dream things that freak me out, but when i wake up i'm convinced they're real. two nights ago i thought one of my best friends hated black people with a passion and never told me. i got out of the car and walked all the way home and never spoke to him again. last night i was living in a house with celina and we went to the grocery store. and while she was buying fake flowers (for her) and orange creamsicles (for me), (side note: i think it's all too fitting that celina would buy flowers and i would buy popsicles. i mean, come on. think about our personalities.) i sat at a desk with an older but handsome man and he sung that "somewhere out there" song from that little polish mouse movie. and i fell in love with him because when he hummed, you could hear like, every note. it was beautiful. when i woke up, i still had that warm burny feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you want someone very badly.

all in all-- it's kind of cool, because it's like a new movie each time i sleep.

on the other hand, what if i'm clinically insane?

we're havign lasagna for dinner. oh, my lasagna. so good. with garlic bread, of course. bread is essential. atkins diet my ass. i'd rather be obese than give up bread.

today was chilly and i liked it. it was the kind of cold where you would stand in your sun and half of your body was cold and half of it was warm. i wore stilletto boots.

it feels like friday. i hate that. i always think i'm getting gypped.

if my english teacher had a livejournal, i wonder what she'd write?

celina. you, me, and emily should get our picture taken with santa on saturday. it would be so cute. caleb can come too, i guess. but i'm going home if i hear one nigger joke, i swear.
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