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i went shopping on tuesday. i returned the too short pink sweater from cait and got this hot ass pink and orange striped one (so thanks again, babe. <3) and then a really really reallly crucial parcel bag that's shaped like an old school tape recorder. and of course, the piece de resistance-- 3 inch hot pink stilletos by chinese laundry. 14 fucking 50. beat that. they're amazing and they hurt like whoa but what's really important is that they're hot. i promptly took them home and applied a tiny tiny black star on each corner. they have to be seen to be believed.

remember, children. shoes make everything better.

today was like, unoffical best day ever day. at least for me. me, celina, true, adam, boat, norby, justin, mat, keith, kim, christina, and chet all went to denny's today for our senior breakfast. amazing times. true and adam built a space ship and the manager hated us. the waiter, brad was cool as hell and told us about he used to hide in his own trunk to skip from school. we left him a 20 dollar tip. technically, we were supposed to be back at school by thrid period. but since i like NEVER get to be a rebel (and i hadn't done my math hw) we decided to just...not go for a while. we sat in the parking lot of best buy for like 20 minutes and listened to hardcore and hung out, and then we went in so adam could buy a cd. clumsy me tripped over a display riser and totally scraped my foot open. the one freaking day i wear mary janes, i get hurt. and you guys wonder why i wear sneakers everyday. then we went to sam ash. true played the guitar while me and celina made some hot ass beats on the keyboards. i'm starting a band with celina. it's called GUNMETAL. GUNNNNNNNNNMETALLLLLLL whaaasaacasdj;jkk! that was me screaming. you had to be there. then target with kim to buy random snacks and chase true through the toy aisles. we ended up in a park by the airport an hour later, on a hill in the shade, eating and watching the planes go by, and playing on the playground. everyone should have days like that. it was amazing. we checked in 5th period. it was great. the three of us have the same class, so we all walk in and give ovie our pass and sat down. overton just looked at us.

the point: every once in awhile, you just need to be seniors and not go to school. and then brag about it.

but the real point: my friends are amazing people, no matter what everyone else says. yeah, they're lame and fake sometimes, but i love them anyway. and we have awesome adventures.

i'm addicted to The Darkness. i know. look, here's a whole post so you guys can ridicule me. but i'm also addicted to this old ass song by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott (not that any of you scene bitches would know who they are) called Out in the Fields. hot shit. it's like....all about Irish fighting and stuff. that U2 crap. because they're Irish. and Phil is a mulatto. that's right, Irish Mulatto. it's like me and caitlin had a son.
p.s. today i got REALLY REALLY good at the Can You Trust Me? game! soon i will surpass celina!
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