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i'm sitting here working on battle of the bands documents and eating mozzarella sticks and it occured to me that i only have to go to school for two days this week. and that's mighty fine. my mom and i put our overly fake christmas tree up today, even though it's a little early. it's white. i think it's pretty. i wish i could convince her to do like, a mod theme this year.

party question, guys. the weather forecast for the night of my party is saying that the temperature will be at about 60 degrees, i.e, nippy. i love that kind of weather but if the idea of dancing and mingling in the fall climate is going to keep you from coming, let me know so i can open up a room in my house to hang in. come on people. fall is beautiful. the yard's going to be all lit up and could you want to sit inside?

i wonder what everyone's doing right now?
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